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Fans Are Shocked by Comedian Neel Nanda’s Death Just Days After His 32nd Birthday

<p>Upright At the age of 32, comedian Neel Nanda, who was well-known for his appearances on Comedy Central’s Adam Devine’s House Party and Jimmy Kimmel Live, killed unexpectedly. Greg Weiss, his manager, verified the news of his passing. Since he was 19, he had been supervising Nanda’s career.</p>
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<p>In a statement released on Sunday, December 24, Greg Weiss said, “I am deeply shocked and saddened by this.” Deadline covered the remark. He was a better guy than a fantastic comedian. Neel Nanda has a bright future ahead of him, as Weiss pointed out, adding that he has appearances lined up for January and February. Variety said that Weiss has known Nanda since he was 19 years old.</p>
<p>It’s still unclear what killed Nanda. Comedian Neel Nanda made his debut as the headlining act at a Toronto comedy club nine days before to his death, as stated by the Los Angeles Times. After the concert, he extended an invitation to his supporters to come celebrate his birthday downtown.</p>
<p>Comedian Neel Nanda, who was born in Atlanta, said in a 2018 interview with VC Reporter that his early years were when he first developed an interest in humor. His relationship with Jimmy Kimmel started in 2017, when he made his 5-minute debut, according to Deadline.</p>
<p>Neel Nanda hosted the weekly program Unnecessary Evil at the Westside Comedy Theater in Los Angeles. Moreover, he has been on Viceland’s Flophouse and Hulu’s Coming to the Stage.</p>
<p>Owner of Jokers Theatre & Comedy Club Dave Curran expressed shock and great sadness over Neel Nanda’s passing, saying, “He made our audiences smile and so happy.” The comment says, “I’ve only known him for six months, yet in a day or two, he can make you feel like you’ve known him for years.</p>
<p>“RIP Neel Nanda, a great comic who built a whole comedy scene in Santa Monica nearly single-handedly and always gave his all and was welcoming to everyone,” said John Roy’s dismay after hearing the news on X.</p>
<p>Neel has performed and shown off his comedic skills on TV shows including Viceland, Comedy Central, MTV, and IFC. In addition to his stand-up appearances, he actively produces live performances in Los Angeles, most notably the highly acclaimed Unnecessary Evil, which was just named one of LA Weekly’s top 10 stand-up shows.</p>

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