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Sara Ali Khan adds 'Desi Glam' flare on her debut red carpet appearance in Cannes

The Philadelphia leg of the American singer-songwriter's Eras Tour is officially over. The performer described her emotional journey of doing three nights of back-to-back performances in her hometown.
As she wrapped up her Philadelphia leg, which is her hometown, Taylor, who is in the 'Midnight' phase, wrote a touching message. The singer also described how it was an emotional struggle for her to perform her song for her mother on Mother's Day.
On Tuesday, Swift published a picture on her Instagram account with many images from several performance nights. “Philly was a dream, honestly,” said the lovely caption on the post. playing three nights at the stadium where my dad used to watch Eagles games on television every Sunday. The three hometown performances are the most spectacular a lady could ask for. Additionally, I enjoyed performing The Best Day for my mother on Mother's Day while struggling with my emotions. I adore you all so much and I can't wait till Foxborough!!
According to Variety, a US-based media outlet, in a video that has gone viral online and received millions of views, Taylor is seen telling security guards to let a fan leave during a concert in Philadelphia.
Swift is initially heard addressing security throughout the number, “She's fine,” during the incident. Following that, “She wasn't doing anything.” Hey!” the singer exclaims. Stop!”. Later, when the next time the phrase “hey!” is due to be used in the lyrics, she commands the security to “stop,” then resumes singing and dancing.
The singer's gesture was highly greeted by the online community, who referred to her as “Queen” once she became engaged in the event.
The Eras tour kicked out on March 17 in Glendale, Arizona, and will conclude in the United States on August 9 with the last performance of five nights at L.A.'s SoFi Stadium.

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