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Bengaluru Metro: Despite digital discounts, riders prefer physical tokens—here’s why

<p>While Contactless Smart Cards provide a 5 percent trip fee decrease, a significant portion of Bengaluru Metro users continue to use conventional tokens instead of digital choices like QR codes.</p>
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<p>The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited’s Executive Director of Operations and Maintenance, AS Shankar, highlighted the initiatives to provide quicker and mobile transit options. He did admit, however, that a lot of commuters still choose to use tokens, which leads to long lines at Metro stations (The New Indian Express).</p>
<p>The Metro had 1,60,66,040 passengers in November alone. Surprisingly, 55,54,647 travelers choose tokens, outnumbering the 18,76,894 QR ticket consumers three times over. The number of smart card users was 86,34,499.</p>
<p>Tokens are still in demand despite the recent introduction of a single QR ticket that may accommodate up to six riders. After COVID, several cardholders had issues that forced them to return to tokens. These problems have been fixed, however.</p>
<p>When asked which tokens they preferred, infrequent Metro rider Nitika Kumar said, “If you travel often, it makes sense to have a card. Why not carry it every day for infrequent visits to the metro? For me, buying a token when I need it is more convenient.</p>
<p>Abdul Aleem, a different infrequent Metro customer, made the following suggestion: “Infrequent Metro users might feel they’re tying up Rs 50 unnecessarily with card purchase.” BMRCL need to think about waiving the card fee in order to entice more customers and increase sales.</p>
<p>The allure of the physical token remains intact among Bengaluru Metro users, even with the availability of digital benefits.</p>

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